CAD & 3D Design


Although by no means a Pixar quality animator, I studied 3D design as part of my Computer Aided Design degree. I have experience in both 3D Studio VIS and MAX. My designs all received high grades.

Associate of Computer Aided Design Technology

This degree consists of two components. Computer Aided Design which is digital drafting (both 2D & 3D) and  Machine Tools, which includes machining classes such as laths, mills, and CNC programing.


Engineering Drafting & 3D Design/Animation

  • CAD 172 – Engineering Graphics (Auto CAD & Mechanical Desktop)
  • CAD 115 – CAD Tech Illustrations (3D Studio)
  • ME 132 – Design Analysis & Application (Autodesk Inventor)

Machining, CNC, and Machine Tools

  • booksMT 131 – Machine Tool Operations (Manual Laths, Mills, etc)
  • MT 231 – Tool Design
  • MT 234 – Computer Numerical Controlled Machining
  • ME 132L – Design Analysis & Application Lab


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Kocher Mexico Monterey

From the ages of 19 to 21 I lived in Mexico while a served a mission for my church. During my time in Mexico I learned to speak spanish fluently while serving others (painting, building, cleaning, etc) and teaching religious principles. After my return I then taught several free spanish classes to other people who were interested in the language and culture. Spanish is an incredible language that anyone can learn. I enjoy making that process fun and enjoyable.

Experience & Skills

  • Read, write and Speak Spanish (Latin American)
  • Teach spanish classes including grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Volunteered in a small special needs school creating a spanish curriculum and tutoring groups of 4 students.

University Credits

These are the spanish credits that the university allowed me to challenge.

  • SPAN 101 – 1st Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 102 – 1st Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 201 – 2nd Year Spanish

Kocher MexicoMexico


Math and physics go hand in hand. At the University of Lethbridge I took the curriculum and instruction class for non majors, which taught me many additional methods to teach with a hands on approach.


After graduation I tutored Math 10 pure, Math 20 Pure and Applied and Math 30 to students on a 1-1 bases. I also volunteered for two months at a special needs school tutoring and creating a mathematics curriculum that integrated science and mathematics in a hands-on way. One project was creating a hovercraft and using topics learned in class to properly design it. Since 2011 I have been creating online videos helping teach simple mathematical principles.

University Classes

  • EDUC 3700 –  Curriculum & Instruction for Non-Majors
  • Math 110 – College Algebra
  • Math 111 – Trigonometry
  • Math 112 – Calculus 1
  • Math 215 – Engineering Math 1 (Calculus 2)
  • Math 316 – Engineering Math 2 (Linera Algebra & Differential Equations)
  • Math 221 – Statistics (Business)


One of the things that makes physics so exciting are the demonstrations and experiments available. Not only do I enjoy using these great teaching methods, but I love making the equipment! I I have made dancing flame tubes, electrostatic generators, and have even had students make functioning hovercrafts that they later used for lab experiments.

Medicine Hat High School PhysicsExperience Teaching Physics

During my internship semester at Winston Churchill High School I taught a full Physics course. I had the opportunity to design many demos, labs, and projects for students, and I incorporated my class website into my formative assessment strategy.

During my second practicum I had the excellent opportunity to teach two Physics 20 classes at Medicine Hat High School, in addition to the physics portion of Science 10. I used every opportunity to teach with labs and used attention getters and demos often. It was my first opportunity to consecutively teach physics to groups over 17 people.

 Physics Tutoring:

From my first physics course in university until returning to school in 2012, I  owned and operated my own tutoring company specializing in high school math and physics at all levels.

business card“Michael was an excellent physics tutor at BYU-Idaho. He is a responsible, organized individual who related well with peer tutors, students and faculty. Of the thirty-three students who evaluated him, almost all rated him as an “excellent” tutor. It pleases me to be able to recommend Michael Kocher. Based on my experience as his supervisor, I feel he will be a great asset to any organization.” –D.J. Teichert 


Bachelor of Science in Physics

University courses

  • PH 121 – Principles of Physics I
  • PH 123 – Principles of Physics II
  • PH220 – Principles of Physics III
  • PH 150 – Beginning Physics Lab
  • PH 250 – Intermediate Physics Lab
  • PH 336 – Advanced Physics Lab
  • PH 314 – History and Philosophy of Science
  • PH 309 – Modern Physics
  • PH 332 – Classical mechanics
  • PH 372 – Thermal Physics
  • PH 333 – Electricity & Magnetism I
  • PH 373 – Electricity & Magnetism II
  • PH 405 – Numerical Modeling in Physics
  • PH 433 – Quantum Mechanics
  • PH 473 – Atomic Physics
  • PH 488 – Senior Thesis on Surface Physics