University Degrees

degreeI currently hold 3 university degrees:

  • Associates of Art and Science in Computer Aided Design Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics GPA: 3.69
  • Bachelor of Education GPA: 3.97

I first obtained the CAD Tech degree as I explored my options around my love for computer design. Ever since high school I have loved working with Photoshop, 3D Studio, and Auto CAD programs. It wasn’t until I returned from a religious mission and returned to university that decided to forgo becoming an engineer and instead study physics. As I love to invent and create new ideas, the obtaining of these two degrees has led me to discover areas of life I would have never come across. Physics is the science behind all science, and I love sharing the excitement of how our universe works. In December of 2013 I completed an after degree in science education from the University of Lethbridge. Teaching is my passion! 🙂


Elementary School

Kocher Grade 1

During my Education 2500 Practicum I really came to bond with my grade 1 & 2 students. I was amazed how quickly I could form a relationship with the students and staff. During the weeks of that course I become convinced of my desire to be a teacher, and help students reach their full potential. I was excited to learn that my PSI semester would also be in a grade 1 classroom.


  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Smartboard Games
  • Reading stories
  • Building Things Unit
  • Routines


business cardI started tutoring near the end of my first year of Physics during the summer. Because the university funded tutoring we were encouraged to host group tutoring classes. At first it was a challenge to manage 8-17 physics students with different skill levels, but soon enough I found ways to leverage the skills of each student to create a great leaning atmosphere. After graduation I started tutoring for my own company and tutored a few students after my day job. All of my students reported a great to significant improvement and many students used me for their other math or science classes the following semesters.

All students surveyed recommended me either very good or excellent (the highest possible ratting).

“Michael was an excellent physics tutor at BYU-Idaho. He is a responsible, organized individual who related well with peer tutors, students and faculty. Of the thirty-three students who evaluated him, almost all rated him as an “excellent” tutor. It pleases me to be able to recommend Michael Kocher. Based on my experience as his supervisor, I feel he will be a great asset to any organization.” D.J. Teichert


Demos and Hooks

Van de Graaff generator

Demos and Hooks

The only thing I like more than a great physics demo is building the demo equipment!  I love seeing the lightbulb moment in a student’s eyes when they can experience for themselves the topic in question. I have built several physics demos including a ‘dancing flame tube’ to demonstrate compression waves, and a ‘Van de Graaff generator’  to show electro static tricks. I love showing the effects of what normally is invisible.



Michael Kocher Pilot

During my time at university I fell in love with aviation. In order to fund my classes, I wrote and sold how-to ebooks online. Using the revenue from this ebook I was able to overcome the financial challenges prohibiting me from finishing my pilot training. I passed both my knowledge test, and flight test and was awarded  a private pilot certificate for single engine land aircraft.

I am currently a member of Airplane Owners and Pilots Association and keep up to date on many issues currently affecting the aviation industry and lifestyle.




Since the start of 2011 I have taken several online classes on videography and photography. As I progressed from handheld camcorders to DSLR cameras, I quickly fell in love with the art and science of great images. As a physicist, I marvel at the power behind even the entry level optical lens and how much creative power lies in capturing light. I would not consider myself to be a National Geographic professional, but I have taken several online classes that have allowed me to become self taught in this field. My summer job working retail allowed me the opportunity to teach customers the basics of this art. I hope to one date teach this as an elective or host a photography club.

CAD & 3D Design


Although by no means a Pixar quality animator, I studied 3D design as part of my Computer Aided Design degree. I have experience in both 3D Studio VIS and MAX. My designs all received high grades.

Associate of Computer Aided Design Technology

This degree consists of two components. Computer Aided Design which is digital drafting (both 2D & 3D) and  Machine Tools, which includes machining classes such as laths, mills, and CNC programing.


Engineering Drafting & 3D Design/Animation

  • CAD 172 – Engineering Graphics (Auto CAD & Mechanical Desktop)
  • CAD 115 – CAD Tech Illustrations (3D Studio)
  • ME 132 – Design Analysis & Application (Autodesk Inventor)

Machining, CNC, and Machine Tools

  • booksMT 131 – Machine Tool Operations (Manual Laths, Mills, etc)
  • MT 231 – Tool Design
  • MT 234 – Computer Numerical Controlled Machining
  • ME 132L – Design Analysis & Application Lab


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Kocher Mexico Monterey

From the ages of 19 to 21 I lived in Mexico while a served a mission for my church. During my time in Mexico I learned to speak spanish fluently while serving others (painting, building, cleaning, etc) and teaching religious principles. After my return I then taught several free spanish classes to other people who were interested in the language and culture. Spanish is an incredible language that anyone can learn. I enjoy making that process fun and enjoyable.

Experience & Skills

  • Read, write and Speak Spanish (Latin American)
  • Teach spanish classes including grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Volunteered in a small special needs school creating a spanish curriculum and tutoring groups of 4 students.

University Credits

These are the spanish credits that the university allowed me to challenge.

  • SPAN 101 – 1st Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 102 – 1st Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 201 – 2nd Year Spanish

Kocher MexicoMexico


Math and physics go hand in hand. At the University of Lethbridge I took the curriculum and instruction class for non majors, which taught me many additional methods to teach with a hands on approach.


After graduation I tutored Math 10 pure, Math 20 Pure and Applied and Math 30 to students on a 1-1 bases. I also volunteered for two months at a special needs school tutoring and creating a mathematics curriculum that integrated science and mathematics in a hands-on way. One project was creating a hovercraft and using topics learned in class to properly design it. Since 2011 I have been creating online videos helping teach simple mathematical principles.

University Classes

  • EDUC 3700 –  Curriculum & Instruction for Non-Majors
  • Math 110 – College Algebra
  • Math 111 – Trigonometry
  • Math 112 – Calculus 1
  • Math 215 – Engineering Math 1 (Calculus 2)
  • Math 316 – Engineering Math 2 (Linera Algebra & Differential Equations)
  • Math 221 – Statistics (Business)