Youtube tips for teachers & presenters

In my Education and Technology class I gained some valuable insight on preparing for class when YouTube videos are involved. These tips will help make your presentation go smoother and increase the quality for the viewer.

Tip #1. Use the highest resolution

Youtube videos look great at 240p on our phones, and fine at 480p on our personal computers. The problem is when we display youtube videos on the projector they get pixelated! To fix this, swap to 720 or 1080p for the highest quality at large sizes.

Tip #2: Let it load

Before your class or presentation, click play and let it load. Nothing is worse than seeing the ┬áspinning wheel when you are ready to watch. Actually, there is something worse, and that is having the video cut out and have to reload! As seen in the image below, the lighter gray indicates how much of the video is loaded. Once the movie is fully loaded you don’t have to worry about buffering, or reloading.

Tip #3: Change the cache level

This tip is only nessessory if your browser won’t load the entire movie. If that happens, right click (or 2 finder tap or control click on a Mac) on the movie zone and choose Settings.

Then, click on the folder and set the Local Storage to unlimited. This should fix most of your loading problems!

 Tip #4: Is this technology pertinent?

Before using any technology in the classroom or presentation, we need to ask ourselves this question: “Is this something that is going to help get my point across or am I just using this to use technology?”


Hopefully these tips help you out! Feel free to leave a comment.

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