University Degrees

degreeI currently hold 3 university degrees:

  • Associates of Art and Science in Computer Aided Design Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics GPA: 3.69
  • Bachelor of Education GPA: 3.97

I first obtained the CAD Tech degree as I explored my options around my love for computer design. Ever since high school I have loved working with Photoshop, 3D Studio, and Auto CAD programs. It wasn’t until I returned from a religious mission and returned to university that decided to forgo becoming an engineer and instead study physics. As I love to invent and create new ideas, the obtaining of these two degrees has led me to discover areas of life I would have never come across. Physics is the science behind all science, and I love sharing the excitement of how our universe works. In December of 2013 I completed an after degree in science education from the University of Lethbridge. Teaching is my passion! 🙂


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