Physics 20 – Chapter 3 Summative Assignment

Newton’s 3 laws are an important part of understanding how objects interact and move. In this project you will choose one of the three projects to demonstrate your understanding of these 3 laws. You may work in small groups or individually, and will present your project to the class on the due date given.

Regardless of the option you choose, each project must meet the following requirements:


  • Contain a detailed description of each of Newton’s 3 laws
  • A real-life example, demo, or portrayal of each law.
  • Relevant formulas for mathematically describing your real-life example
  • Definition and explanation of relevant turns, including balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Relevant free body diagram and description of all forces in it.
  • Project is presented or shown before the class


Option A: Online multimedia presentation

Youtube, iMovie, stop-motion, 3D animation or similar.


Option B: Design and complete an experiment

An experiment or series of experiments to test or demo newton’s three laws. Must be pre-approved by the teacher and include a materials list.


Option C: A website

Weebly, WordPress or similar website. Most content must be original, and provide a rich user experience. Any content you do not create on your own must follow copyright laws and digital citizenship guidelines.

If you have have another idea you would like to try, ask me!


Please read through the rubric. To receive above an 80% you must create a quality project that is innovative and goes well beyond the minimal requirements.



5 3 1
Technical Project runs perfectly with no technical problems. Project runs adequately with minor technical problems. Project does not run satisfactorily. There are too  many technical problems to view project properly.
Spelling and Grammar Project honors all rules of spelling and/or grammar. Project adequately honors most rules of spelling and/or grammar. Project has multiple errors in spelling and/or grammar.
Screen Design Multimedia elements and content combine to deliver a high impact message with the elements and words reinforcing each other. Multimedia elements accompany content but there is little sign of mutual reinforcement. Screens are either barren and stark or confusing and cluttered making content difficult to understand.
Organization The sequence of information is logical and intuitive. Menus and paths to all information are clear and direct. The sequence of information is somewhat logical. The sequence of information and content is not logical and difficult to follow.
Creativity Project shows significant evidence of originality and inventiveness. The project shows some originality combined with a rehash of other people’s ideas, product or images. The work is a minimal collection or rehash of other people’s ideas, products or images.





5 3 1
GeneralContent Knowledge Subject knowledge is evident throughout. All information is clear, appropriate, and correct. Subject knowledge is evident in much of the project. Most information is clear, appropriate and correct. Information is confusing, incorrect, flawed or copied from another source.
Definition of Terms All terms are included in the presentation and are defined correctly and in the presenters own words. Most terms are included in the presentation and defined correctly. Several terms are missing from the presentation, defined incorrectly or are copied from another source.
Example of each law A comprehensive example of each law is included. Examples are creative and contain images to add to the understanding of the specific law. An example of each law is included but examples may be similar to ones seen in class, lack images to add to understanding or be limited in their description. Examples of each law are missing, very limited or copied from another source.
Formula’s Formula’s are accurate, easy to view and understand, and are categorized properly. Formula’s contain minor errors, are difficult to view or are not categorized completely. Formula’s are missing, inaccurate or categorized improperly.
Explanation of Forces Project contains a detailed description of each type of force in the presenters own words. Project contains a somewhat detailed description of each type of force. Explanation of forces are missing, very limited or copied from another source.


Mr. Kocher