First day + Intro to vectors and scalars


Grade/Subject:   11/Physics 20                 Unit:   Kinematics        


General Learning Outcomes:

Students will describe motion in terms of displacement, velocity, acceleration and time.

C.5 – Students will use technology to aid collaboration during inquiry

Specific Learning Outcomes:

20-A1.2k define, operationally, and compare and contrast scalar and vector quantities

4.2 Participate in a variety of electronic group formats



Students will:

  • Students will sort vector and scalar elements into their correct categories.
  • Students will differentiate between scalar and vector definitionsStudents will get to know one another and start to build a classroom community.
  • Students will sign up for the online classroom and post to the forum.



Observe which students have difficulty participating.

Are students willing to participate in a blended or flipped environment?

Key Questions

What is the difference between a vector and a scalar? Can you give an example?

Written/Performance Assessments 

Not applicable


Resource #1:

Ice-breakers: Getting to Know Your Class

Resource #2:

Alberta program of studies 

Resource #3:

Flipped Physics 20 


  • Smart board
  • Internet connection



Hook/Attention Grabber:Assessment of Prior Knowledge:

Meet each student at the door and shake their hand. Once the bell goes, shoot the tin can monkey with the air gun from across the room.

Expectations for Learning and Behaviour:

Welcome to the first day of school. My name is Mr. Kocher and this is physics 20. I’m excited to share with you the wonders that science, especially physics, has to offer.

Advance Organizer/Agenda:

This semester we will learn all about motion and how we can predict it. But before we get into that, lets spend some time getting to know one another and coming up with some classroom objectives.

Transition to Body:

Launch the smart board agenda outline with instructions for the first game. 


Learning Activity #1: Mnemonics Game

For this assignment I need everyone to take out a sheet of paper.

Take about 1 min and think of a way that people could remember your name. Michael Michael motorcycle? Or some very unique thing to you. For example, you can remember my name by thinking of a can of coke. Maybe you would even picture a can of coke with a big nose on it! Anything you can feel comfortable sharing with the class.

Step 2. Introduce yourself to the people at your table group. Share with them your mnemonic and go around the table until you feel that you figured them all out. 5 min for this activity.

Step 3. We will form a circle in the back. Each one of us will share our mnemonic and either our favorite food or our favorite hobby.


Assessments/Differentiation:  Explane that if a student is not comfortable they have the right to pass. Just say pass and we move along.


Learning Activity #2: Classroom expectations

A great learning environment needs some expectations so it can flow smoothly. As the weeks go on we may adjust these, but for now, why don’t we brainstorm some rules?

Points to include in class discussion:

  • Respect
  • Cell phones
  • Homework and extra help
  • Types of projects preferred
  • Amount of homework load and flexibility
  • Leaving the classroom
  • etc

As students come up and agree to expectations, add these to the smart board and rearrange them as needed.

Discuss with students the signals I will give. For example, when I put my hand up it means finish your sentence, and eyes on me.

Learning Activity #3:

Before I send you away, let me explain how this class will operate. This class is a blended classroom. Some called it a flipped classroom. What this means is that you will do your homework problems and projects in class! Rather than doing practice problems at home, you will watch a short video clip and answer a few questions.

<show students the website and how to create an account>

Please take an iPad from the cart. As you take the iPad, sign your name beside the number that’s on the bottom of the iPad. We will now create an account on the blended website, and if time let you complete the first lesson.

  • create an account at and use your school ID.

For homework:

  • Complete the first lesson, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15min.
  • Say hi on the forum. The forum will be a great place for after school class discussion and for getting help from me and the other students.


Verify that evening that students have created an account.


Consolidation/Assessment of Learning:

View results of first quiz.

Feedback from Students:

Exit slip: Poll everywhere.

List one thing you would like to learn or do in physics.

Feedback to Students + Transition to Next Lessons

This first section is very short and mainly a review of science 10. We will use this time to practice getting into the swing of things and getting to know each other. I am excited to spend the next few days building our classroom together.


 Sponge activity (may be needed for this first class)

Instruct students on the difference between a vector and a scalar using the website materials as an example.



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