Displacement, Vectors and Scalars lesson plan

Grade/Subject:  11/Physics 20                  Unit:     Kinematics              


General Learning Outcomes:

Students will describe motion in terms of displacement, velocity, acceleration and time.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

20-A1.2k define, operationally, and compare and contrast scalar and vector quantities

20-A1.1k define, qualitatively and quantitatively, displacement, velocity and acceleration


Students will:

  • Experiment with the differences between speed and velocity
  • Sort vector and scalar quantities
  • Build a community in the classroom



Find percentage of students who have completed the online portion.

Key Questions

What is the difference between distance and displacement? How can you find displacement? When might we prefer to know this over distance?

Written/Performance Assessments 

Pop quiz: List your username for the flipped classroom.

Did you attempt the first quiz? Yes? 5pts.


Resource #1:

Learn Alberta: Average Speed as a Weighted Average 

Resource #2:


Resource #3:

Flipped Classroom


  • Simulation page pre-loaded
  • Smart board/projector
  • Distance devices.



Hook/Attention Grabber:Assessment of Prior Knowledge:

Play the Vector clip from Disney’s Despicable Me.

Expectations for Learning and Behaviour:

Here is a review of our class expectations. Before we start, let’s put these up on the wall.

Advance Organizer/Agenda:

Today we are going to experiment with vectors and scalars and begin exploring the differences between displacement, velocity and acceleration.

Transition to Body:

But before we do… pull out a sheet of paper and answer this pop quiz!

Pop quiz: List your username for the flipped classroom.

Did you attempt the first quiz? Yes? 5pts.


Body :

Learning Activity #1: Community building – Snowball fight

Everyone take out a sheet of paper. Write down two questions you would be willing to answer in front of the class. Do not write your name on the sheet yet. You have 2 min to think about what you would like to write.

Now… crumple it up. On the count of three we will have a 30 second snowball fight. Whatever one you end up with you will answer at least one of the questions. Ready? Go!

Form a circle at the back and share. Remember to share your names.


Learning Activity #2:


Average speed vs weight widget.

Displacement vs distance widget

Before each move, have table groups come up with their estimate.




Learning Activity #3: Lab

Mission: Find the distance from our classroom to the gym. Find the displacement. How can you find displacement? Why are they different. After you have collected your information, you may use the rest of class to finish the lab report.



View lab reports to see the depth of understanding of these important topics.


Consolidation/Assessment of Learning:

The information in this section, though still a review of science 10, is critical to your success in this course. Please remember to go onto our class website tonight and complete the next unit.

Feedback from Students:

Poll everywhere: What is the difference between distance and displacement. What could make this classroom better for you?

Feedback to Students:

Comments about group performance and changes that are needed.

Transition to Next Lesson

Be sure to complete the online lesson. Tomorrow we will end our review of these concepts with graphs and 1D motion.



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