Physics 20: First day

Grade/Subject:  PHYSICS 20 Unit:  FIRST DAY – Expectations Lesson Duration  25 min


 n/a  Students will

  • meet their teacher
  • learn expectations
 Basic info sheetPractice classroom procedures
Resource #1:     The First Days of School – Wong
Resource #2:  
Resource #3:  
  • Powerpoint with introduction slide
  • First assignment (Basic info)
Introduction (3min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber:   Stand at the front door and welcome each student individually. Inform the student that their place to sit is listed on the smart board, and that they can start the sheet as soon as they enter. As soon as the bell rings, begin class
Assessment of Prior Knowledge:  n/a
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour:  <This will be the body of the lesson>
Advance Organizer/Agenda:  Good afternoon class. My name is Michael Kocher and I will be your teacher this semester.
Transition to Body:  While you are filling out these sheets I will take attendance. Please say ‘here’ and raise your hand if you are present. That will help me get to know you.
Body (20 min.):
Learning Activity #1: Introductions So, my name is Michael Kocher. It’s pronounced Coke-er. You can call me Michael. <show slides>Here is a little bit about me.
Learning Activity #2:  Expectations  I am excited to share this classroom with you this semester. Today we aren’t going to do any classwork, but we are going to practice some procedure and go over some rules and other business. If you have any questions about anything just raise your hand and I’ll get to you.How to enter the classroom.

  • enter quietly, organize belongings (sharpen pencils, etc), start bell question.

Class attention

  • Raise my hand (or give me 5).
  • PRACTICE – Tribe activity – Take 1min to ask questions, then 2 to answer. Watch for my hand

Handing in/out paper

  • Hand in the introduction sheets according to procedure.

End of class:

  • The bell is to remind me to end class. In other words, the bell does not excuse you, I do. Most of

Class grades

  • How will students be graded
Assessments/Differentiation:   Observe how students perform procedures. Repeat until the students understand.
Learning Activity #3: (Sponge)  We have 5 min+  left. Let’s repeat the activity above, but now going the other way.
Closure ( 3min.):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning:   n/a
Feedback From Students:   -collected data from basic info sheet-
Feedback To Students:   
Transition To Next Lesson:   Tomorrow we will cover learn about the class website, and start a basic topic.

*Observations, Key Questions, Written Assessments, Performance Assessments


Reflections from Lesson


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